Blue Flower

We post the introduction of our product manager who was just hired on the project. Marta Cooper has a strong track record as a Product Owner and is currently taking over some of the project management functions.

My current role is Product Manager. I am a Certified Product Owner. This helps me to understand and apply the principles of Scrum team organization.

I have experience in leading ceremonial ceremonies - playing the role of a humble master of daily rallies, helping to keep the conversation in the right direction to eliminate obstacles, clarify task status, and initiate collaboration between team members to keep tasks defined for a specific sprint.

Facilitate Reviews and Retrospectives by helping the team hold themselves accountable to their dealers, express what has happened well, what we should continue to do, and what is nice not to repeat as mistakes in a particular sprint and work organization.

I participated in an Agile awareness session and liaised with our Agile Trainer to plan and calculate the outcome of where the team is located and what needs to change as a way of working, organizing tasks and communicating fully across roles, so that everyone can know what is expected of them and what are the accepted principles of work.

I have participated in several Workshops with external clients and have successfully marketed the product to Bottlers, and have been able to understand in a meaningful way the beneficiaries of using our software and where it can benefit them to make informed decisions about their profitability and range

As a former data scientist, I have experience and understanding of basic algorithms and can explain in a calm and understandable language to the business people who are our main clients - what the results of our product are.

I can communicate with team members calmly and help resolve personal conflicts by talking to each other individually and finding people's touchpoints so they can find their positives and stop thinking about the negative experiences they have had with each other.

I have written a Backlog plan and defined business case studies to support the project documentation and supplement the Product Backlog with the necessary Epics / Feeds and Sites to enable the team to understand the business value and purpose of these sites and to complement the necessary technical hubs to complete the tasks seamlessly and seamlessly.

I have experience working with several different vendors and different business stakeholders with different seniors. In this way, I understand the stakeholder structure, the goals of each stakeholder and I have implemented transparent and accurate communication to have timely actions when we are in different stages of product development.

As a person, I am quite positive, and thanks to this assertive way of accepting reality, I am quite flexible and find a way to get out of situations that are independent of anyone but affect the development of relationships and the product phase.

I have successfully researched various fixtures, describing in business analysis their methodology, and have sold them in markets that wanted to get these fixtures as something new to be implemented in our product because they find business value. My analysis was well organized, easy to understand, and illustrated with diagrams and visualizations so that the team could quickly and easily navigate the final destination.

I am not in a visionary or leadership position in product leadership. I do not have full information on strategic decisions.

Due to crisis problems, customers are likely to reduce their budget significantly and not be able to continue working.

Supporting Business Development and Delivery people from the company, I do not yet have a full understanding of communication with external clients. This would put me in a position similar to the current one. The good thing is that the people I work with are very constructive and it is a matter of my proactiveness to build a relationship and be able to influence them in the future if I see fit.

There are likely to be other problems that I can't think of right now and that will change the situation again.

Having been in this role for about a year and 9 months, I do not feel fully prepared to:

I keep the overall vision of the product as I am not part of our client's organization and it is difficult for me to evaluate all the parameters according to which he makes a decision in order to have the right expectations for the prioritization of Backlog, which we have from our Signature Architect in Atlanta. - maybe when we have the opportunity to work for another client I will have a more leadership role and I will have the opportunity to have this more leadership and visionary role. This may happen in the next 2 to 6 months. It also depends on point (2.5)

I need to finish my course on Microsoft Azure Integration so that I can better understand the technical conversations and questions of my fellow developers. This will help me to understand their ideas/suggestions/questions more quickly so that we can not fully rely on them in all the technical conditions we have to keep in mind. This way, I will be able to be more proactive in communication and help them reach the right decisions by playing a more leadership role in the field. - In the next 2 months, I have started the course and I am working hard on the material rejection and the testing of the straps.

I have participated in several interviews with people as we expanded the team, but I cannot say that I feel completely confident in recruiting different job applicants and need training and more practice in this area so that I can conduct interviews myself and to express a firm opinion on the various candidates, now I can only support my direct manager with notes and impressions on specific things that are valid in my field. - Next 1 year.

I need to learn how to plan the project in the longer term. I have been assigned as Project Manager and our company is not accustomed to managing Scrum methodology projects yet.

That is, I need to plan things financially, not just think about the Product Backlog - this month I'm officially in this hybrid role and my managers will give me that push so I can have a holistic viewpoint of our organization. I think it is possible to learn how to manage a project and think long-term about its planning part in about 3 to 6 months.

I need to participate in at least 1 other client project where we can offer and develop our software, there is such an option for another large company offering an assortment of foods and maybe this will happen in the next 2 to 6 months.

Depending on how the quarantine and the crisis for the business of our potential clients develop, I have the opportunity to go through these points and finish them in the next 9 to 18 months. I described the similarities as a comment on each point in the section above.